jDip version 1.6.8 [September, 2004]

- New or Improved Features:
    + New Variants: Modern (and Modern Shift). 
      Map by Martin Asal. May be played with or without Wing units.
    + The default order sorting and map labelling can now be set in 
      Preferences, and is applied to both new and saved games.
    + Drag-and-drop (e.g., of text files with orders) is now supported with the
      "Enter Multiple Orders..." dialog.
    + Improved robustness of Judge result importing, especially to active 
      (in-progress) games.
    + The preferences save-game folder chooser has been improved.
    + Text clarifications and layout tweaks.
- Bug Fixes:
    + Fixed: F2F mode: changing Map or Symbols would cause an error.
    + Fixed: Disappearing units when importing judge orders to game (1010485).
    + Fixed: Denmark and Constantinople behave wrong in Standard map (1005875).
    + Fixed: Map label preference changes (see New/Improved Features) (975594).
- Core / API changes:
    + ErrorDialog.BugReportInfo added to improve submitted bug reports.
    + Enhanced floc.net import dialog error reporting.
    + Minor updates to jdip conversion tools in CVS.
    + l2fprod-common components directory chooser library included.
- Compatibility:
    + No known compatibility issues.