We welcome help of any type, including comments, suggestions, and bug reports.

Bug Reports and Feature Requests

Bug Reports may be submitted to the Bug Database, which is on the SourceForge website. Please do not submit feature requests to the bug database; there is a separate database for entering feature requests. Go to the Bug Database.

Feature Requests may be submitted in the Feature Request Database, which is also on the SourceForge website. Go to the Feature Request Database.

Discussion Lists

To ask for help on using jDip, talk to other jDip users, and for general jDip-related content, send mail or subscribe to: jdip-users@sourceforge.net

To communicate or listen in on developer chat, send mail or subscribe to: jdip-developer@sourceforge.net

How Can You Help?

Your help is always wanted! You do not need to be a programmer to help. Some ways you can help include: