jDip version 1.5 [January, 2004]

- New or Improved Features:
    + Game Importing:
        - Direct importing of games from http://www.floc.net
        - Importing now supports newer nJudge versions           
        - For floc.net and judge text files: both game listings and single 
          turns, as well as multiple turns--even entire game histories--can be 
          imported. If an entire game history is imported for example,
          a complete game with all turns is created.
        - Judge files can be imported into existing games if the game name 
          and phase matches. If the phase does not match, the game may be 
          rewound prior to import; later phases will then be deleted.
        - Any variant supported by jDip can be imported.
    + Maps & Symbols:
        - Improved Symbols
        - Map Symbols (Supply Centers, Units, etc.) are now independent of 
          maps and may be set or changed in the New Game screen or in-game, 
          via the View menu.
        - Improved map scrolling and mousewheel support
        - Faster order drawing and map responsiveness
        - Various map display tweaks
    + Complete German translation!
    + New Variants (with detailed maps)
        - Loeb9
        - Milan 
        - Crowded Milan
        - RootZ
    + Complete Loeb9 rule support (difficult passable borders, etc.). Moves 
      over difficult passable borders (which have a strength of 0) are
      shown with a thinner-than-normal movement arrow.
    + Fully 2000 rules / DATC (Diplomacy Adjudicator Test Cases) compliant.
      jDip is compliant with the latest (Jan-23-2004) version of the DATC.
      Please see the DATC Compliance Statement (in the Documentation section
      of the website) for details. For more information about the DATC, see 
      the Links section of the website).
    + Convoyed Move Changes:
        - Explicit Convoying is no longer the default; we now adhere strictly
          to the 2000 Rules (and DATC).
        - Convoyed Move behavior behaves as specified in DATC (section 
          4.A.3 "preferred" choice C). Intent to Convoy is determined as per 
          the 2000 rules. Explicit convoying (e.g., "by convoy" or 
          "via convoy") is allowed but no longer required; however, it 
          remains useful for clarification.
        - Convoyed Moves, if successful, show the convoy path taken when order 
          results are displayed
        - "Exact" (or explicit) convoy paths may be entered for Move orders;
          this allows better compatibility with legacy (e.g., Judge)
          systems. However, the preferred method is to not enter an
          explicit convoy path. If an explicit path is entered that is 
          invalid or disrupted, and there exists another valid convoy 
          path, the convoyed move will fail. This will not occur when 
          convoy paths are not explicitly entered.
    + Illegal Move orders can now receive support to Hold in place. This 
      contravenes the DPTG (Diplomacy Players' Technical Guide) but is in 
      accordance to the DATC, and is particularly useful in no-press games.
    + Builds may be explicitly Waived (full support for the Waive order). 
      Note that when writing a Waive order, the word "waive" or "waives" must 
      be used; "w" is not a valid abbreviation, as it can be confused with Wing 
      units. Some examples: "England: waive london", "waive build in london",
      or "waive build london". Waived builds are indicated by a checkmark 
      over the supply center.
    + Order parsing improvements
        - Orders with list prefixes (e.g., "1) army xxx-yyy") should now
          be handled correctly when entered in the Multiple Order Entry  
          window. Prefixes may be any alphanumeric type, with or without
          parentheses or periods.
        - Supports Move orders where the command (Move) precedes
          any unit/location information (e.g., "move army paris to gascony")
        - Supports Disband orders where the command (Disband) precedes
          any unit/location information (e.g., "disband army paris")
        - Disband and Remove orders are now interchangeable (jDip
          automatically determines which is correct) 
        - "Transport" and "Transports" are accepted synonyms for Convoy orders
        - Better recognition and reporting of ambiguous province names
        - Better recognition of ambiguous power names
    + New Preferences: set image export size and JPEG/PNG quality.
    + New Report: Historical Supply Center summary report
    + F2F (Face-to-Face) mode changes:
        - After the turn has been resolved, all orders and results are shown,
          both on the order list and on the map. To resume entering orders, 
          click the "Enter Orders" button.
        - When in F2F mode, the first power tab selected is now random. 
          This is said to reduce interplayer conflict.
        - Power color indicators added to power tabs
    + Help system improvements
    + All included variants now have detailed maps; variants with test 
      "grid" maps are no longer included.
- GUI changes:
    + Dialog style and usability improvements
    + Better integration into and feel on Mac OS X
    + Faster and more responsive report dialogs
    + Faster startup.
    + Map and Units tab added to New Game dialog
    + Fancy (Unicode) arrows in Move orders are now converted to "->" plain
      text style when copying text to the system clipboard
    + Error Dialogs now direct users to SourceForge bug tracker and now report 
      program version and Java system information
    + Better adjudication result reports (content and formatting)
    + File, Edit, and Orders menu cleanup and usability improvements.
    + Animate mode removed
- Bug Fixes:
    + Fixed: Judge import bugs
    + Fixed: Player/Game info bugs (email addresses, web addresses)
    + Fixed: Various map/variant bugs (e.g., Youngstown adjacency bugs)
    + Fixed: Freezes in multi-order-entry dialog
    + Fixed: Supply Centers not re-shown when leaving Influence mode
    + Fixed: Last occupier not set for imported games
    + Fixed: Submitted turns visible in F2F mode when returning to current 
             turn after viewing previous turn results
    + Fixed: Bounced statistics bug (adjudication was not affected)
    + Fixed: Retreat order statusbar prompting confusing and/or incorrect
    + Fixed: Duplicate valid build orders caused an adjudicator exception
    + Fixed: Internet activity at startup (DTD Entity resolution)
    + Fixed: Some valid retreats disallowed (USIN cupid F1909M, Trieste)
    + Fixed: RetreatChecker and Retreats now handle difficult-passable border
             and multiple retreats to same destination edge cases properly. 
             Retreats are in compliance with DATC 4.A.5.
    + Fixed: Occasional errors when exiting.
    + Fixed: Printing and Exporting bugs
    + Fixed: View | Names menu not reflecting state of province names
    + Fixed: Inactive powers have their dislodged units automatically disbanded
    + Fixed: All maps checked to ensure that if all provinces are labelled.
             Note that some maps do not have both abbreviated and full 
             labels for provinces and sea spaces.
    + Fixed: Mac OS X scroll / dialog-dragging bugs
- Core changes:
    + OrderFormat changes: no static options, improved option handling.
    + Move order support for defined (explicit) convoy routes ("Judge style")
    + Many MapTool (the jDip map SVG editor) improvements and bug fixes
      (this is only available in the source distribution)
    + CSV parser added to dip.misc.Utils
    + Network errors now have a specific ErrorDialog method
    + Common properties file for non-i18n data and associated Utils methods
    + Initial (and incomplete) implementation of Press support and Press GUI 
    + SVG jDipNS DTD changes
    + Variant DTD changes
    + Loeb9 and more test cases added. All test cases of DATC except
      section 7 (Colonial Rules, which are not yet supported) are used for
    + Dialog classes revamped. InfoDialog eliminated; TextViewer used instead.
    + New Game and Preferences dialogs now in subpackages
    + Batik library updates
    + VariantManager changes, with proper support for versioning and SymbolPacks
    + World changes: Variants now have better abstraction from World object
    + AbstractCFPListener class for easier ClientFrame event handling
    + New (and fast!) methods in Path.java for finding all possible sea routes, 
      convoy routes, etc. between two coastal locations.
    + Improvements to test harnesses
    + Move order object changed to reflect new convoying interpretation 
- Compatibility:
    + Save game files from jdip 1.0 cannot be opened with this version.
- Miscellaneous:
    + Mouse-pointer changing on OS X is disabled due to non-jDip related bugs. 
      This will be periodically re-evaluated and re-implemented in the future.