jDip version 1.6.7 [August, 2004]

- New or Improved Features:
    + New Variant: Octarine (created by Bjorn Lijnema).
    + New Variant: Imperium (created by Martin Asal).
    + New Variant: Asia.
    + New Units: Imperium (created by Martin Asal).
    + Startup time improvements (faster by 10-20%).
    + Splash screen may be disabled with the "-nosplash" command line option.
      Note that this improves startup time less than 250 ms.
    + Improved multiplatform installer.
    + Order drawing tweaks.
    + If an error occurs, a bug report can be automatically sent to 
      the jDip centralized bug database.
- Bug Fixes:
    + Fixed: Name display is not remembered when changing maps (975594).
    + Fixed: Background of saved images is not transparent
    + Fixed: Multiple move arrows to an empty destination overlap.
    + Fixed: German language localization was 1.6.5 instead of 1.6.
             All versions are now standardized at 1.6.7.
    + Fixed: RootZ Judge import issues.
    + Fixed: RootZ has an invalid supply center location for Turkey.
    + Fixed: When importing a Judge game, powers not submitting orders are not
             handled correctly.
    + Fixed: Importing of Judge turns to current game fails.
    + Fixed: Borders with specified "from" locations do not work correctly.
- Core and API changes:
    + dip.misc.Convert removed. Replaced by new "jdip_tools" CVS module.
    + Plugins removed from main jdip code path. Plugins are now in a
      separate "jdip_plugins" CVS module.
    + IzPack 3.6 now used to create installer.
    + Chaos variants are split into nJudge and DP variants.
    + Xerces updated to 2.6.2.
- Compatibility:
    + Fully compatibile with previous 1.6.x versions.
- Miscellaneous
    + Changes to the core dip.world.Unit class are in CVS, and will be
      in the next release. The next release may break save-game