jDip version 1.0 [August/September 2003]

- New and Improved Features:
    + Face-to-Face (F2F) mode; games started in this manner have each power 
      separately entering orders. After a power submits his or her 
      orders, they remain hidden until order resolution occurs.
    + Youngstown Variant, with a detailed map (by Martin Asal), added
    + Maps can now be exported as PDF files
    + Better order drawing: 
            + Move and Hold orders have thickness proportional to support.
            + Better rendering of Support orders and merging with Move/Hold 
            + A red "X" is drawn over failed orders when in review mode
            + Disband and Remove orders now drawn over units
            + Drawing speed improvements
    + Better result reporting:
            + For bounces and dislodges, the province from which the unit 
              bounced or was dislodged by is displayed.
            + Statistics are now reported (attack:defense) for bounces and 
            + Moves that fail because another move failed reported 
            + General style and formatting improvements
    + Better turn status reporting:
            + Clearer formatting
            + Improved descriptions for adjustment orders
            + Indication of blocked builds due to home SC occupation
            + Number of units without orders is reported (if at least one 
              order is submitted)
    + Better order parsing:
            + Control characters and odd whitespace characters now ignored
            + Garbage text in front of orders, in "Enter multiple orders", is
              now (usually) ignored
            + More tolerant of Province misspellings due to new matching
            + Improved formatting of invalid orders in "Enter multiple orders"
    + Undo/Redo makes it easier to unwind (undo) a game to a turn in the 
      distant past
    + Scroll bars on map window now disappear when not needed.
    + Text improvements on Topological and Simple standard maps
    + Long (Full) province names added to Hundred variant maps
    + Short (Abbreviated) province names added to Standard Traditional map
    + Edit mode prompting and information displayed in statusbar
    + Faster map setup time (by about 20%)
    + Map Editing tool to help with unit, supply center, and text 
      placement created
- GUI changes:
    + Order Input text box not shown when in modes that disallow order input
    + Edit mode: dislodged units can only be added in Retreat phase
    + Order sorting method changed to combo-box instead of buttons
    + Eliminated "advance after resolve" option in prefs; resolution now 
      always advances the turn.
    + Eliminated "show MRU files" option in prefs; most-recently used files
      are always shown
    + Edit mode: power selection box is now the correct size
    + Confirmation required when saving or exporting over an existing file
    + Main window now starts up larger
    + More help available
    + Filtering of URI and Email address input in Game and Player 
      Information window
    + File modified indicator more descriptive
    + Nicer FileNotFound error
    + Save/Open dialog improvements
- Bug Fixes:
    + Fixed: Adjudicator sometimes created "Success" result for 
             dislodged units
    + Fixed: Bad dislodged position for Burgundy and Brest on Topo 
             (Rectilinear) map
    + Fixed: Cursors not correct in Batik versions after 1.5b4
    + Fixed: Improper display of some dialogs at 800x600 resolution
    + Fixed: Batik error dialogs not consistent with default error dialogs
    + Fixed: Highlighting and focus bugs in text areas
    + Fixed: Image export now sets background color
    + Fixed: Exception when parsing non-adjustment orders during 
             adjustment phase
    + Fixed: Save game directory (in Preferences) not used when set
    + Fixed: Scrolling bugs
    + Fixed: Memory issues with mutiple opens (latest Batik libraries)
- Core changes:
    + Dynamic Order drawing support implemented
    + post-Batik 1.5 integration
    + Scroller code improvements and simplification
    + ANT target descriptions added
    + New Result classes and adjudicator support for these classes
    + Extensive refactoring of rendering and order display GUI classes 
    + Refactored StateWriter
    + ResultWriter refactoring, now with i18n and CSS support
    + StdAdjudicator checks that a power's order lists only contain orders
      for that power
    + Levenshtein distances used to find Province matches (when appropriate)
    + Tool plugins now have their own directory     
    + Selective control over which powers may enter and display orders
    + GameSetup object controls game restoration
    + Improved event creation, event handler cleanup
    + Streamlined menu code and event handling
    + ErrorDialogs are now logged
    + MapPanel changes (lazy loading, fixed reload issues)
    + TestParser / Convert removed from standard distribution
    + Splash.java improvements to detect errors in end-user Java configurations
    + General code cleanups and improvements
    + Significant changes to scrolling code
- Miscellaneous:
    + Version 1.0 can read version 0.95 saved games, however, version 0.95
      is not be able to read saved games created from version 1.0.
    + Issue: there may be a several-second delay after a map is loaded before
      it is responsive. Internal processing is occuring during this time. This
      has to do with the Batik library (which displays the map SVG graphics),
      and will be worked around in a future version if possible.