The Diplomatic Pouch An excellent resource for all things Diplomacy.

DATC Diplomacy Adjudicator Test Cases and Rule Clarifications

DPTG Diplomacy Player's Technical Guide

floc.net Alain Tésio's web-based Judge query system

Real-Time Diplomacy and Computer Opponents

Diplomacy AI Developers' Centre A resource for developing Diplomacy AIs

David's DAIDE Page Some DAIDE-based computer opponents

SVG [Scalable Vector Graphics]

jDip maps are described in SVG format. This is a vector-based graphics format, but can be used to display bitmapped (e.g., JPEG or PNG) maps as well.

SVG Specification The complete SVG specification.

Batik Apache's Java-based SVG rendering toolkit.

Adobe SVG Zone Tools and demonstrations of SVG graphics, SVG web browser plugin-in.

Internationalization (Localization)

Localization Word List A list of commonly used words in applications, in multiple languages