jDip version 1.7 PREVIEW 1 [June 2005]

NOTE: This is a PREVIEW RELEASE. Please read the following for 
information about important changes and bug status.

=============== NOTES =================
- Features not fully tested:
    + New Windows installer
    + New OS X file dialogs
- please report any issues to:
     jdip-developer [@] sourceforge.net
- floc.net importing should now work.

jDip 1.7.0 PREVIEW 1 Changelog
- New or Improved Features:                     
    + Aberration V variant and symbols added (thanks to Stefano Costantini)
    + Ancient Med variant and symbols added (thanks to Stefano Costantini)
    + Renaissance variant added (thanks to Ian Scrivins)
    + New Windows installer, which an automatically download Java if needed
    + Size (smaller by more than 1 MB) and speed improvements
    + Mac OS X: better file chooser.
    + Online bug reports (which occurs with severe jDip errors) is
      are considerably more detailed.
    + Open dialogs now are closed when a new game is created or opened.
    + Splash screen changed to original pastel style.
    + New commandline option: "-defaultgui". This forces jDip to the default
      GUI, without any enhancements. Use this if jDip will not start (this may
      happen on some versions of Linux). This option has not been extensively
      tested, and feedback regarding its use would be helpful.
    + Improved logging: logging occurs to a circular memory buffer, enabling
      more helpful and detailed online bug reports.
    + Upgraded SVG rendering system to Batik 1.6.
    + Upgraded other dependencies to newer versions.
- Fixed Bugs:
    + Deleting of single orders does not work [1005872, 1118742]
    + Adjudication error: No convoy, but bounce [1205531, 1116568, 1053458]
        - This is now fixed. As it turns out, one of the test cases 
          had an incorrect resolution that masked this bug in prior versions.
    + Incorrect importing of history files [1035292]
        - Judge history import (from floc.net and text files) now works.
        - Note that judge import only works for those variants which jDip 
    + Importing from floc.net hangs indefinitely [1158290]
        - This cannot be reliable duplicated, but may occur if floc.net is 
          down or responding slowly.
    + Impossible Rick-click on a Mac [1124808]
        - Command + Mouse button emulates right button
        - Shift + Mouse button emulates middle button 
    + jDip doesn't start under Linux [1053723]
        - Should jDip not start with some versions of Linux, try the 
          "-defaultgui" option on the command line.
    + jDip does not see Shortcut Folders [1051678]
        - This works with Java 5 (1.5). This is a known problem with some 
          versions of Java 1.4.x. 
    + Variant Modern: Parsing error "Eastern Mediterranean" [1205550, 1205534]
    + Parse error using judge result build phase [1205547]
        - "Enter multiple orders" dialog now supports judge build orders
    + Map name/report discrepancy [1184073]
    + Loeb9, STP fleet should start NC not SC [1066690]
    + Cannot import - underscore not supported [1117835]
    + Many subtle order parsing errors were fixed.
    + DPJudge Chaos map now works.
    + Many Face-to-Face (F2F) mode errors fixed.
    + Exceptions should no longer occur when jDip exits.
    + Hundred map fixes.
    + Map label (name) preferences and name menu should now correlate.
    + NullPointerException occured with empty parenthetical coasts in 
    + Improved Web Start detection; also included in bug reports.
- Compatibility:
    + Saved Face-to-Facd (F2F) games from previous versions cannot be opened
      in this version due to extensive fixes. All non-F2F games remain 
      compatible with this version.
- Known issues:
    + There may be diagnostic output when opening or saving games, if 
      Java 5 (1.5.x) is used. The library we use to help save and open games
      is no longer being updated. This will be replaced in a future version.
      Replacing it in this version would break save-game compatibility.
- Acknowledgements:
    + Thanks to James Thompson II, who helped fix many bugs for this release.
    + Submitted online bug reports (either through Sourceforge, or from jDip 
      error messages) are appreciated. Thanks to everyone who submitted 
      bug reports!