jDip version 1.5.1 [February, 2004]

- New or Improved Features:
    + When copying text, such as Results, the copied text now has a more
      natural appearance (more line breaks are inserted).
    + Result windows now have a "Save As..." option that will save the
      results as HTML.
    + jDip is fully compliant with version 2.4 of the DATC. No adjudicator
      changes were made, but new test cases have been added. Therefore, 
      jDip 1.5 is also fully compliant.
- Bug Fixes:
    + Fixed: Cannot paste in multi-order-entry dialog.
    + Fixed: Missing "Tys" abbreviation on Standard and Milan maps
- Compatibility:
    + Full file compatibility is maintained with version 1.5
- Miscellaneous:
    + Note that "Judge" style (explicit path) convoyed moves orders
      (e.g., Army lon-nth-hel-kiel) must be typed in. These multi-path 
      orders cannot be entered with the mouse. This will be fixed in a 
      future release.