jDip version 1.6 [June, 2004]

- New or Improved Features:
    + New Rule Option: the ability to control whether explicit (Judge-style) 
      or implicit convoyed move orders are allowed. Both are allowed by 
      default. Note that for compatibility with Judge-based games, it is 
      the "Explicit" option should be used. This feature is available in the
      New Game window, under the "Rule Options" tab, as "Convoy Paths".
    + GUI (mouse) entry of explicit convoyed move orders is now allowed, but
      only when the "Convoy Paths" rule option is set to "Explicit". If this
      is not set, explicit convoy paths may be entered manually by typing the
      order int the order-entry box, since implicit (source and destination
      only) convoyed Move orders are preferred.
    + Improved Importing of orders from www.floc.net and nJudge-based games.
      Explicit convoyed moves are enabled by default for imported games, so
      they are fully nJudge-compatible. Game importing is now very strict; 
      if an error occurs during import, the game will not import; older 
      versions were too lenient with importing, masking possible import errors. 
    + The Map can be hidden or shown from the View menu. This can be used
      to make graphical overlays of units for websites and animations.
    + Game and Player information now has colored tabs to 
      better identify Powers.
    + Percent magnification of map is now displayed in status bar.
    + Order Results now support order formatting (as set by the "Display" 
      option in Preferences), and as displayed in the Results window.
    + Improved positioning of dislodged units on the Topological map.
    + A new Report, "Order Statistics", gives various order statistics 
      for each Movement phase in a game.
    + Highly configurable options in Preferences for controlling how
      orders are displayed. Orders can now even be displayed in strict
      nJudge format, for example.
    + Faster scrolling.
- GUI changes:
    + New toolbar icons.
    + Improved appearance on Windows and Linux.
    + Order entry field and the Order List now will convert stylized (Unicode)
      arrows (such as those used in Move orders) to "->"  if the font used 
      is not a Unicode-compatible font.
- Bug Fixes:
    + Fixed: Default save/export directory issues (900716).
    + Fixed: Copy/Paste always pasted both HTML and plain text (919695).
    + Fixed: F2F mode exception (941601).
    + Fixed: Submitted moves re-appear in F2F mode (900213).
    + Fixed: Default abbreviation of Norway changed 
             to "nwy", from "nor" (948387).
    + Fixed: Changing map symbols exception (962629).
    + Fixed: Bounce + Dislodge results in no dislodged result (952038).
    + Fixed: Border conditions not handled appropriately (962434).
    + Fixed: When changing to Traditional map, it doesn't display (900714).
    + Fixed: Importing of chaos games on judges (except USDP, UKDP).
    + Fixed: "Cut" menu item not appropriately disabled in dialogs.
    + Fixed: NPE when exiting program during a render.
    + Fixed: Coast.parse() case bug.
    + Fixed: Assertion error in Move.validate() (invalid assumption).
- Core / API changes:
    + Coasts are now indexed (see Coast.getIndex() and Coast.getCoast()).
    + OrderResults now support more complex formatting of messages.
    + Batik libraries updated to Batik 1.5.1. 
    + JGoodies Looks 1.2.1 added for improved GUI appearance.
    + Support and Convoy orders have methods to get the power of the supported
      or convoyed unit.
    + Rewritten, refactored dip.order.OrderFormat and OrderFormatOptions. 
      These classes are now more flexible and easier to use, and handle
      null arguments better (useful for debugging).
    + Localization support now uses English as the default, so, if other 
      locales are missing a resource entry, the English entry will be used,
      instead of generating an error.
    + More advanced Border support, which is useful when creating variants.
      The Border class is now properly documented. Border test cases are
      now part of the standard regression testing suite.
- Compatibility:
    + Games saved by this version cannot be read in older versions.
    + Version 1.5 and 1.5.1 games, with the exception of Loeb9, can be
      opened without compatibility issues.
    + Import of "chaos" variant games will not work from DPJudge-based judges
      (USDP, UKDP), unless the "DPJudge" variant pack is installed.
- Known Issues:
    + Performance on OS X may be considerably slower than on other platforms. 
      This is under investigation.
    + Font size issues under pre-release Java 1.5 beta 2.
    + Help not available on Web Start version.