How to get the jDip Source

jDip source code is available as release snapshots or from CVS. Release snapshots are a zipped archive of all jDip code and dependent libraries that are current at the time of release.

CVS is the preferred method of obtaining source code, as code kept in the Sourceforge CVS database is the most current. Note that CVS source code is in-development, and may not always be stable.

CVS clients are available for all platforms. Command-line versions of CVS are typically included with Unix. GUI versions are also available (such as SmartCVS, WinCVS, and others). Instructions for accessing the jDip CVS repository are available from the project webpage.

Required Tools

Optional Tools


Set up ANT according to its instructions. The build.xml file that ANT needs to correctly build jdip can be found in the root jdip directory. Also included is the build.properties file; this may need to be edited, so that the base directory points to the jdip root directory. An absolute path works best but a relative path (usually just a ".") should suffice.


By default, when ANT will compile, build, and run jDip. To see other project options, use the ant -projecthelp command.