Adjudicator How-To

The jDip automated adjudicator is both very accurate and very fast. It can be used in your own projects, independent of the jDip GUI.

First Steps

Download the jDip source code. For more information, see the Getting Started document.


The adjudicator is used independently from GUI code by the TestSuite program. This program is normally used to test the adjudicator with test cases (in etc/test_data/). This is not an ideal example, but may be useful. The full class name for TestSuite is dip.misc.TestSuite.


The dip.misc.AIDemo program (currently only in CVS or the 1.5 codebase) is an illustrative example of how the adjudication routines could be used by an "AI" computer player.

Note that AIDemo is a work-in-progress.